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Michael Hulls Expansive Light

Winner of multiple Olivier Awards and Knight of Illumination Awards, this London-based designer earned global acclaim for his 2016 work LightSpace, an intricately choreographed presentation made up entirely of lights with no human dancers. For Hulls and his many admirers, the show served as an affirmation of the power of light to create its own distinctive space. He spoke to us about pushing the boundaries of lighting design.

The Musicality of Light

For Danish designer Theis Wermuth of Create This, lighting does more than reflect the mood of his clients’ music. He sees it also as becoming part of the music, playing off each note as surely as a singer’s voice. He describes how he strives to forge this connection to the sound of Danish Music Association’s Artist of the Year Alex Vargas and other clients.

I?m With The Band

Zach Scott’s career as a lighting designer has taken him to high profile events like the Hi-Rez game competition at DreamHack; and hip venues like the Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas, but most of his time, and a lot of his passion are devoted to longtime client 7th Heaven. He shares his insights into his smooth and deep relation with the Chicago band.

STRIKE 4 Connects For Five Finger Death Punch

The metal icons present a raw hard-edged image on stage, but they also form close emotional bonds with fans. Learn how Lighting Designer John Santos strengthened this connection with help from the STRIKE 4 on the band’s arena/amphitheater tour with Breaking Benjamin last year.

Video Insights: OVATION Pars

Equipped with the same LED systems found in our award-winning ellipsoidals, our Ovation pars feature advanced precision optics to produce homogenized, flat and even fields of light with high CRI. Sleek and discreet, they are specifically designed for theatrical productions where silent operation is critical.

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