5 Reasons To Love Remote Accessing

Posted on February 5, 2014

Among its many stand-out features, the Nexus Series from CHAUVET Professional offers remote accessing, which allows you to update software or make a variety of other adjustments to your Nexus fixtures from any laptop via any web server.

With remote accessing at your fingertips, you don’t have concern yourself with having to replace boards or chips or use a USB to DMX adapter. Still, for all its benefits, remote accessing remains a not-completely appreciated feature, according to CHAUVET Professional product manager Anthony Chiappone.

“I think that there are still a significant number of end-users who don’t fully understand remote web servers at this time, even though they’ve been present in everyone’s home Internet routers for the past 10 plus years,” he said. “They may think that you need proprietary interface gear to access the router; when in fact all you need is a device with a web browser connected to the same network. This can be a wired network or a wireless network, one which you may access with your laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop using virtually any operating system.”

With this in mind, Anthony shared his list of five things to love about remote accessing:

  1. Convenience – Being able to log in from your laptop to calibrate colors, update your software or tweak fixtures is a lot easier than having to manually replace boards and chips.
  2. Extended Life – The fact that you can update software  as technology advances allows you to keep your fixture current, extending its useful life.
  3. Speed – Being able to access your rig remotely to change an address or a channel profile when fixtures are in the air at a venue saves valuable time and money. In fact it can be a real lifesaver when time is of the essence during setup.
  4. Assimilation of New Fixtures – The ongoing evolution of LED technology means that new generations of fixtures typically get progressively brighter. Remote accessing helps you match the brightness of your new fixtures with your existing ones.
  5. Rental Friendly — Nexus panels are very common in the rental market, and it isn’t unusual to have products from multiple rental companies at a large project.  When this happens, you don’t always have the luxury of sitting in the shop for hours in advance calibrating the units. Therefore, having a quick setting available to calibrate Nexus fixtures remotely is invaluable, since it allows you to make these adjustments in minutes from front of house without ever stopping the rehearsals or the show.