AVL Projekt Hosts Successful Serbian Demo Day With Chauvet

Posted on April 9, 2018

BELGRADE, Serbia – AVL Projekt, a leading Serbian distributor, rental house and installation specialist for the entertainment industry, recently welcomed over 200 guests to its Demo Day at the Belgrade Belexpocenter for a hands-on presentation of the latest CHAUVET Professional and CHAUVET DJ fixtures.

AVL Projekt has installed CHAUVET Professional fixtures on several recent high-profile projects in Serbia such as the Green Love festival (Maverick MK1 Spot and MK2 Wash) and the popular TV show Veče sa Ivanom Ivanovićem (ÉPIX Strip Tour LED strips). The Demo Day provided the company with an opportunity to showcase its CHAUVET Professional and CHAUVET DJ products to lighting professionals in the Balkan region.

Building on the success of two previous well-attended demo days, the AVL Demo Day saw guests from rental houses, technical directors and technicians from television studios, theaters and cultural institutions, as well as professors and students of academies, exchange ideas and information regarding lighting.

During the CHAUVET Professional and DJ presentations, AVL director Slobodan Većkalov outlined the various features of moving heads from the Maverick, Rogue, and Intimidator series. Further presentations included the Fresnel and profile fixtures from the Ovation and EVE theatre line, in addition to the STRIKE 1 and STRIKE 4 LED blinders.

The day was marked also by the presentation of a new opportunity to finance the purchase of Chauvet equipment. A couple of days before the event, AVL Projekt established cooperation with Raiffeisen Leasing and provided excellent conditions for the purchase of new professional audio, video and lighting equipment.

“AVL’s Demo Day was an all-round success,” commented European Business Development Manager Jon Petts, who was also present at the event. “It’s certainly great to see so much interest in CHAUVET Professional and DJ in Serbia. We’re excited to see Chauvet on a number of interesting projects in the next few months!”