CHAUVET Professional Drives Relentless Admiral T Performance In Paris

Posted on October 27, 2015

Paris, France – Admiral T is not only creative, charismatic and colourful, he’s also absolutely relentless in his output. In addition to releasing five albums and countless singles since his rise to fame in the mid-2000s, the Guadeloupe-born reggae dancehall artist has flourished as a producer, actor and fashion designer – even creating his own clothing label.

Equally relentless are his live shows, for which he has garnered a huge reputation in France. For his latest Paris show, Admiral T’s lighting designer Gregory Lichtle deployed CHAUVET Professional’s Nexus Aq 5×5 RGBW LED panels and Legend 230SR Beam moving fixtures to support the 34-year-old’s energetic and feverish live performance.

adt7Lichtle included 19 of the Nexus panels in his dynamic design. The barrage of Nexus fixtures worked together to form a powerful rear wall, from which sharp beams of pixel mapped light could be punched out into the audience to create a blistering effect behind the performer and his band.

Serving as a complement to the stationary wall of light were the sharp multi-coloured beams that flew across the stage from 18 Legend 230SR Beam movers. Lichtle positioned most of the Legend fixtures across the stage on three rows of upstage truss. Others were arranged next to upstage risers. In addition to pouring copious amounts of colour on the stage itself, the Legends were used for aerial and audience lighting.

Speaking of his rig, Lichtle said: “I found the Nexus fixtures perfectly suited for this job because of their versatility. Their throw is incredible. The light itself is enough to create an incredible impact on stage, especially with the beautiful CMY colour mixing. Given that the fixtures are fully pixel mappable, I was able to really put my own creative stamp onto the whole real wall of the stage.”

adt3The compact CHAUVET Legend 230SR Beam also came in for praise from the LD.

“I chose the Legends for their sharp beams and speed,” said Lichtle. “Not only were the Legends able to keep up with the dynamic performance of Admiral T, the beams became intrinsic to the look of the show. Most importantly, they created the high-energy looks to complement and match the lively music and vivacious performance.”

While fans may not have to wait too long for Admiral T’s next creative outing – whether music, film or fashion – after his sold-out performance in Paris, they were left with a very resounding impression of an artist at the top of his live game. Thanks to Lichtle’s bold lighting design, the energetic performance of one of the leading French-speaking reggae and dancehall artists was given the visual foundation it deserves.