CHAUVET Professional Introduces Church Tech Talk With Greg Persinger

Posted on January 21, 2016

greg 4SUNRISE, FL – CHAUVET Professional’s latest introduction doesn’t emit any light, but it is filled with some very bright ideas that will help churches of all sizes get more benefits out of their lighting systems and extend the useful life of their fixtures and other equipment. The company, which is well-known for its high output LED fixtures and video walls, has come out with a new video series called Church Tech Talk.

Hosted by highly-regarded church lighting designer Greg Persinger of Vivid Illumination (Nashville, TN), the new video series offers insights into a variety of lighting issues of interest to church technical directors and volunteers. Ranging from three to six minutes in length, the videos are done in a relaxed, conversational style that engages viewers without burdening them with detailed instructions or distracting them with sales messages. The videos can be viewed on the CHAUVET Professional YouTube channel.

“We’re honored to have someone with the talent and experience of Greg Persinger involved in this educational effort,” said Berenice Chauvet, vice president of Chauvet. “Greg’s deep knowledge of lighting and his strong passion for serving churches is obvious to anyone who meets him. Our goal with Church Tech Talk is to convey Greg’s insights to others involved in church lighting.”

There are six videos in the initial Church Tech Talk series. These include: “Lens Choices,” which looks at the different sizes of lenses commonly used with ellipsoidal fixtures; “Cycs, Pars and Strips,” which examines the role of each of these fixtures in church lighting; “Fresnel vs. Ellipsoidal,” which details how each contributes to church stage lighting; “Opto Splitters,” which explains why they’re so important; “DMX Cables,” which shows why they shouldn’t be taken for granted; and “Moving Heads,” which offers advice on how to use, but not abuse, these fixtures in churches.

Taken together, the six videos, which were filmed at CHAUVET Professional’s Florida showroom, offer an informed overview of the key issues involved in church lighting since the advent of LED technology. In the each individual video, Persinger covers a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from specific maintenance tips to far-reaching design concepts.

“The world of church lighting has changed dramatically over the past ten years,” said Chauvet. “Much of the technology that is regarded as essential today was all but unheard of then. These changes have provided churches with a great opportunity to use lighting in new ways that engage worshippers. At the same time, though, change can also be confusing, which is why an experienced voice like Greg’s can be so important in giving churches a perspective. We’re very grateful that Greg was able to do these videos for us. We look at this series as being a part of our commitment to working with the churches who use our fixtures.”

To view Church Tech Talk videos visit the CHAUVET Professional Youtube channel.