CHAUVET Professional Provides Unique Visual Aesthetic for Lush Creative Showcase

Posted on December 13, 2016

LONDON, UK – Combining a knack for developing sublime beauty products with high ethical standards and environmental awareness, Lush Cosmetics has, in the span of two decades, grown from a modest one-shop business into a global enterprise with over 15,000 employees and 923 stores in 52 countries. To unveil the brand’s much anticipated 2016 Winter Collection, Lush recently organized the Creative Showcase 2016 – an evening event at London’s Tobacco Docks with new product presentations and live music. Fittingly, the lighting concept embodied the same combination of style and sensibility characterized by the Lush brand itself, thanks in large measure to a collection of LED fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Longstanding event production partner Presentation Design Services (PDS) specified 16 Rogue R1 Spot and Beam fixtures, 32 WELL Fit units and 72 ÉPIX Strip Tour linear fixtures to create a design that transformed the Grade II-listed Warehouse in London’s Docklands into a colorful arena for 2,000 guests.

Hung above the audience and the stage on rows of trussing, the CHAUVET Professional Rogue R1 Spots and Beams were particularly instrumental in this transformation, giving Project Manager James Johnson and his team a toolbox of looks with which to create different atmosphere for the various stages of the evening.

“The Rogue R1 Beams give fantastic output given their compact size. The beams are incredibly punchy and provided highly dramatic bolts of energy for the music performances on stage,” he commented. “We also made great use of the prisms and gobos, which can be shone through the stunning split beam effects to create great looks.”

The R1 Spots played an equally central role, shining sharper and more focused spots onto both the stage and throughout the audience for maximum effect. “The R1 Spots provided balance to the overall look,” continued Johnson. “The Spots came in particularly useful during the various presentations on stage, in which products were highlighted, and to highlight individual performers during the musical acts. The combination of the R1 Beams and Spots provide a perfect mixture for all purposes.”

Given the sheer height of the ceiling in the converted industrial venue, James had to remain focused on practical considerations during the installation process. “The compact size and relative light weight of the Rogue fixtures are ideal for a time sensitive installation such as this one,” he said. “All the more impressive, given the high output of the fixtures themselves.”

James positioned the 72 ÉPIX Strip Tour units in a column formation around the event space, utilizing the fixture’s 50 pixel-mappable LEDs to provide seamless and colorful eye candy to match the color and vivaciousness of the Lush Products themselves.

“We utilized the ÉPIX fixtures for some incredible eye candy,” commented James. “The pixel mapping feature enabled us to create flowing looks on the fringes of the venue, which really added to the depth and dimension of the stage and the space itself.”

Adding to the overall atmosphere of the location was a selection of subtly placed WELL Fit units, which produced an uplighting effect at various points to highlight architectural characteristics of the venue. The wireless DMX and battery-powered features of these fixtures allowed James and his team to light even the most awkward to reach places.

“We specified the WELL Fit fixtures primarily for the practicality of not having to worry about cabling and power sourcing, which would have proved unsightly and cumbersome to set up,” commented James. “Despite their small size and portability, the fixtures provided a consistent and saturated glow throughout the entire evening, and we certainly didn’t have to worry about them running out of power.”

Like the products in the Lush brand itself, the WELL Fit fixtures and other lights in James’ kit created stunning good looks while having a small and sensible environmental footprint.