CHAUVET Professional Sponsors Seminar At Tabernacle of Praise

Posted on May 12, 2016
Tabernacle of Praise

McDonough, GA – What can a church expect when it makes the move from incandescent fixtures to an LED system? Perhaps the best way to find out is to have the technical director of a church that’s already made this transition conduct a guided tour of his facility.  CHAUVET Professional is sponsoring a one-day learning event on Tuesday August 2 at the Tabernacle of Praise that will provide church technical directors, volunteers and others with precisely this opportunity.

Brad Lyons, TD for Tabernacle of Praise (and also a systems advisor for db Audio & Video), will be walking visitors through the suburban Atlanta church’s LED lighting system, which was installed in 2015.  Lyons will explain how and why the church replaced its old incandescent fixtures with LED products. He’ll also discuss the issues the church faced in making this transition and describe how the new LED lights have impacted the church’s energy costs, as well as the quality of its lighting for live and broadcast services.

The “Church Productions Live!” event, which starts at 8 am and runs until 5 pm, will also include presentations by CHAUVET Professional representatives on a variety of topics ranging from using video panels and moving heads to LED stage lighting.

“We’re happy to sponsor this event with Church Production, because it dovetails nicely with our philosophy of emphasizing education in the church market,” said Berenice Chauvet, Vice President of Chauvet. “Technology, particularly LED technology, has moved forward at such a rapid pace that it can be challenging for the volunteer staff at a mid-sized — or even larger — church to keep up. As a key supplier to churches, we feel education should be part of our mission in this rapidly changing environment.”

A well-established mid-sized church, Tabernacle of Praise has successfully undertaken a major change in its lighting system, replacing 40 incandescent par fixtures that were used to illuminate the choir loft and stage with 19 Ovation E-190WW LED ellipsoidal fixtures. The new LED fixtures not only consume less energy, they’ve also lowered temperatures so much that some choir members thought the church had added a new air conditioning system.

In addition to the replacing the incandescent fixtures with LEDs, Tabernacle of Praise added Rogue R2 Spot moving spots and Q-Wash 560Z-LED moving washes. Technical director Lyons will offer advice on incorporating moving fixtures into a church’s system based on this experience.

“We’re very fortunate that Brad has made himself available,” said Chauvet. “Reading about new technology is good, but there is nothing like talking to a person who has actually used it successfully at his church.”

Conducted by Church Production, the event will also feature breakout session seminars on the church’s audio system and video camera gear. Lunch is included in the seminar fee, which is $69 for registrations completed prior to June 1.  To register click here: