CHAUVET Professional Teams Up With Kinetic Lighting’s Rachel Miller To Stop Traffic At LDI

Posted on November 3, 2015

LAS VEGAS – Lighting designers draw inspiration from many sources: nature, music, film and art to name a few. For Rachel Miller it was (at least in one instance), imagining herself in an elevator. When Miller, an LD and project coordinator for Kinetic Lighting, was contacted by Chauvet Vice President Berenice Chauvet to create a design for the company’s LDI booth, she instantly grasped the nature of her mission.

“There’s obviously a great deal going on with lighting at LDI,” said Miller. “Every exhibitor wants to do as much as possible to attract attention. My mission was to create a design that would get people to stop in their tracks as they passed the CHAUVET Professional booth. I imagined it like we were in the proverbial 10-second elevator, where you meet someone on an elevator and they ask, ‘What do you do?’ You have 10 seconds until you reach the next floor to tell them. CHAUVET Professional has so many great products; I often use them myself as a designer. I wanted to create a design that very quickly gave visitors an idea of the outstanding performance features of some of these products.”

_STE2766Miller worked with a collection of CHAUVET Professional fixtures that were positioned on a large wall in the company’s booth. The fixtures arranged on the wall were mainly products from the company’s popular Nexus, Rogue and ÉPIX series. Many of CHAUVET Professional’s new LDI 2015 introduction products like the Ovation E-910FC five-color RGBA +Lime LED ellipsoidal and COLORado 1 Solo were displayed elsewhere in the booth.

“The mission of Rachel’s design was to showcase the features that have made fixtures like our Rogue and Nexus series products so successful at so many different applications over the past year,” said Berenice Chauvet. “She succeeded in doing this quite brilliantly, creating a design that instantly grabbed attention and was quite entertaining.”

Running her rig with a grandMA2 paired with a MADRIX media server, Miller created a dynamic design that ran through multiple scenes throughout LDI. “We tried to bring out the outstanding features in each fixture in our design,” she said. “For example, we highlighted the double prisms in the RH1 Hybrids, the split color effect in the R2 spots, the speedy zoom and movement of the R1 Washes, and the enamoring pixel mapping effect with the Nexus 7x7s. We also had a lot of fun with the ÉPIX 2.0, running video content throughout the show to convey its pixel mapping capabilities.”

_STE2739A key design element in the CHAUVET Professional booth was the giant truss circle in its center. Miller utilized the Rogue fixtures in her rig to make the scenic piece stand out. “The circle in the center of the booth really looked good,” she said. “We had Rogue R1 Washes and Rogue RH1 Hybrids hitting it. Working with my programmer, Geoffrey Galper, we created a hypnotic effect of a camera’s iris opening and closing on the white scrim. The R1 Washes have a quick zoom and motor, allowing us to achieve that effect.

“Geoffrey really did an excellent job on this project,” continued Miller. “I also owe a debt of gratitude to product manager Michael Graham and the entire CHAUVET Professional team for making this project come off so smoothly.”

For her part, Miller also found the design project to be a learning experience, particularly in relation to the Nexus Aw 7×7 warm white LED panel.   “I have enjoyed working with a lot of CHAUVET Professional products in recent years, but I never worked with the Nexus Aw 7×7 before,” she said. “I have to say, these were incredible fixtures to work with. I quite enjoyed the warm white light and lack of color in the 7x7s. In a growing world of shows that are exclusively LED – cool whites and full of color — the 7x7s give a nice nod to the tungsten world. They have a spectacular color temperature, lending themselves to that warm white effect we all love. Getting to know these fixtures, and meeting some new people at Chauvet, made this an extra memorable experience.”