CHAUVET Professional To Showcase “Smart” Relay Pack, Hi-Res Outdoor LED Display, Hybrid Spot-Beam Fixture at InfoComm 2015

Posted on June 8, 2015

Rogue-RH1-HybridORLANDO, Fla. – AV professionals who visit CHAUVET Professional’s display at InfoComm 2015, held here June 13-19, will likely find novel solutions to some of the biggest lighting/video installation challenges they face today. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor-rated LED video screen that can display sharp hi-res images in bright daylight; a “smart” relay pack that can control power sent to LED fixtures individually; or a compact moving luminaire that’s powerful and versatile enough to be used in venues of all different sizes and illumination needs – CHAUVET Professional is taking a lead in offering inventive products that meet these needs.

“We’re always listening to the AV professionals who use our products, what they’re looking for in lighting and video, and where they feel there’s a void that isn’t being filled,” said Ford Sellers, Senior Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional. “Then we work from that point to develop products that offer a solution. Some outstanding new examples include our Synapse-4 intelligent relay pack, PVP X6IP high resolution outdoor video panel, and Rogue RH1 Hybrid spot/beam moving head fixture.”

Here’s a closer look at these three exciting new products, which will be on display at CHAUVET Professional’s InfoComm Booth #6346:

Synapse-4 – Designed to offer an innovative solution to many of the most common hurdles involved in the installation of LED-powered fixtures, the Synapse-4 functions as an intelligent relay pack to control the power sent to individual lighting units, offering the advantages of maximizing energy savings and providing flexibility in control. Rack, truss or wall mountable, the Synapse-4 takes one powerCON input and branches it into four outputs, each of which can be powered off individually. By turning individual fixtures off when not fully in use, the Synapse-4 can save significant power in the operation of LED fixtures and may extend the life of “non-LED” components, such as electronic and mechanical units, power supplies etc. To provide maximum flexibility, the Synapse-4’s four outputs can be controlled in a variety of ways: 1) via DMX, either as one channel on/off or four channels on/off per output; 2) upon sensing of the loss of the DMX signal (such as when the console has been shut down for the evening); or 3) via an internal timer, which allows users to command that individual outputs be turned on or off automatically at specific times each day. An indispensable tool for fixed installations, the Synapse-4 provides the benefits of being able to decrease overall power consumption, saving energy and money, and to “rest” individual LED fixtures and thereby prolong their lifespan. As an added convenience, the Synapse-4 includes a 4-port DMX Opto-isolator, allowing users to easily branch their DMX universe in multiple directions and amplify the signal after a long run.

PVP X6IP Video Panel – Featuring an IP65 outdoor rating, a tight 6.9 mm pixel pitch and 4,500 NITS illuminance, this weatherproof high-resolution LED video panel is rugged enough to withstand rainstorms, while being bright enough to produce brilliant, detailed images in blazing sunlight. It utilizes Tri-Color (red, green, blue) SMD 2623 LEDs with a black body to produce the highest in class contrast levels, and boasts a wide 130° viewing angle and a 3,120 HZ refresh rate, making it both live audience and camera friendly.

To facilitate easy construction of video screens and walls of all sizes, each panel is manufactured via a precision computer-guided CNC cutting process for seamless modular connections and features integrated stainless steel hardware for easy and secure interlocking between units. The LED modules themselves are magnetic, allowing for easy serviceability and quick replacement on the spot whenever necessary.

Made of solid die-cast aluminum, the PVP X6IP panels are both durable and lightweight (19.8 pounds/9 kg). To increase safety in outdoor settings, they feature an 8% transparency, with the versatility to be used indoors as well, thanks to innovative sealable louvers that have been incorporated into their design, which can be closed to block out light.

Rogue RH1 Hybrid –A hybrid beam and spot in one fixture, with an added Frost feature that allows it to function as a wash effect as well, this unique moving head luminaire is compact, powerful . . . and amazingly versatile! It can produce a tight beam angle of 1°-4.5° in Beam Mode, and a Zoom angle of 5°-19° in Spot Mode, offering extreme beam size flexibility. But its beam angle options and Frost/wash effect capability are only the beginning — the DMX-controllable Rogue RH1 Hybrid is also loaded with visual effects that give it virtually limitless design possibilities, including: two prisms (5- and 8-facet) that can be layered for added excitement; two gobo wheels (one rotating, one static) for dynamic image projection and morphing; a separate color wheel with 13 vibrant hues.

Powered by a 330-watt 8000K Osram Sirius lamp, the Rogue RH1 Hybrid emits 170,000 lux at 15 meters, giving it the brawn to light up large venues. Its compact size (16.1 x 12.9 x 25.8 inches/409 x 327 x 638 mm) makes it equally well suited for small and mid-sized events and installations. Two DMX profiles — 25- or 30-channel – provide programming flexibility. Like other models in CHAUVET Professional’s groundbreaking Rogue Series, the Rogue RH1 Hybrid is offered at a stunningly attractive price that is redefining industry standards of value.

See the above products in action at CHAUVET Professional’s InfoComm Booth #6346.