CHAUVET Professional To Unveil An Array Of New Lighting Solutions At LDI

Posted on October 8, 2018

LAS VEGAS – CHAUVET Professional is capping off an impressive year that has seen its fixtures excel on global tours, as well as in theatrical applications from Broadway to the West End, by introducing an array of new products at LDI. Additions to the company’s successful Maverick, Ovation, ÉPIX, COLORado, Rogue and WELL Fit series, the products debuting at the company’s LDI booth 1816 offer designers an expanded range of lighting solutions.

Leading the way is the new Maverick Storm 1 Wash, a high-output (over 6000 lumens) IP65 LED fixture that features precision-engineered die-cast aluminum housing and 316 grade stainless steel screws that enable it to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, making it well suited for use in festivals, amphitheaters and other outdoor applications.

CHAUVET Professional’s award-winning Ovation Series is also expanding creative horizons at LDI with the rollout of new virtually silent 6” LED Fresnels, all of which feature motorized zoom and 16-bit dimming. The Ovation F-415FC offers the RGBA-Lime color-mixing system that has made the Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal so popular. The Ovation F-415VW creates nearly any temperature of white with a high CRI and CQS. For applications requiring a smooth even field of warm white light, the company is introducing the Ovation F-145WW.

Along with these Fresnels, Ovation will be introducing four virtually silent, single-source LED par fixtures designed to excel in a variety of applications:

A breakthrough product that is sure to attract attention is the ÉPIX Flex 20, an IP67-rated pixel mappable RGB flexible strip that can accommodate 75 feet of extension cables, but can also be cut every 20 mm at designated points.

Adding to the excitement at the CHAUVET Professional booth will be two new products from both the COLORado and STRIKE series:

  • COLORado Solo Batten, an IP65-rated RGBW linear unit that produces seamless edge-to-edge homogenized color across its lens with no separations, dimmed lens corners or tiny circles.
  • COLORado Panel Q40, an IP65-rated rectangular panel wash with 40 15W RGBW LEDs that features adjustable beam angles.
  • STRIKE P38, a punchy single pod fixture that’s compact enough to fit in a variety of spaces and, with an IP65 rating, tough enough to stand up to weather conditions. Plus, its “amber shift” mimics the look of incandescent lights.
  • STRIKE Saber, a batten with the bright output of a STRIKE, this fixture features 10 17W bi-color (warm white/cool white) pixel mappable LEDs and amber shift.

Other fixtures making their first appearance at LDI are:

  • Rogue R2X Beam, a compact mover with a mighty output (134,000 lux at 15 meters). The newest member of the Rogue family features a 231W Osram Sirius lamp, overlapping 8- and 5-facet prisms, and a beam that can be tightened to 1°.
  • WELL Pad, an IP65-rated wireless battery-powered rectangular RGBA LED wash light with an intense output and 90° rotation.
  • CLOUD 9, a fogger with a stunning heat-up time of only 4 minutes that produces low-lying fog using only water and fluid without requiring dry ice or CO2.

“Our product development team has been busy all year,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Although we’ve enjoyed great success recently, we will not rest on our laurels. Like the designers who use our products, we believe in constantly pushing the envelope.”