Dynamic Productions Invests in New Maverick MK3 Profile from CHAUVET Professional

Posted on July 30, 2019

SUNRISE, FL – As part of its ongoing effort to provide its clients with the most advanced optimal lighting solutions, Dynamic Productions USA recently made a significant investment in the new CHAUVET Professional Maverick MK3 Profile.

“Our main reason for purchasing the Maverick MK3 Profile was to expand our inventory so we can continue to offer clients a wide range of lighting solutions,” said John Fitzgerald, the company’s technical director. “There are many ways that we will be using these fixtures. They will be on our festival stages throughout the summer, as well as with some of our A-list touring acts. We also see the MK3 Profile being a big help on our corporate side for events.”

A fully featured 820W LED moving profile fixture, the Maverick MK3 Profile has the output (over 51,000 source lumens) and the flexibility to fill the varied roles that Dynamic Productions USA envisions.

Among the fixture’s high-performance features are a 4-blade, fully wiping shutter system that can rotate up to 60° in each direction (120° total), CMY + CTO color mixing, adjustable, CRI from 73 to 93 CRI, two overlapping prisms, 2 gobo wheels and a fast 9:1 zoom ratio that maintains a flat field of focus even when fully wide.

“The Maverick MK3 Profile is an exciting breakthrough product, one that is the result of a long and dedicated R&D effort on the part of our entire team,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “We’re very pleased that a universally respected quality-driven company like Dynamic Productions USA shares our vision for this fixture and how it can bring a higher level of performance to so many different sectors of the market.”

For its part, Dynamic Productions USA is confident not only in the new Maverick MK3 Profile, but also in the company that stands behind it. “Working with Chauvet has always been great,” said Fitzgerald. “The customer service team there is outstanding. We feel that Chauvet’s commitment to this industry and its customers runs very deep. That is something our two companies share in common.”

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