GLS Lighting Warms Glastonbury’s Avalon Stage With CHAUVET Professional

Posted on July 8, 2016

PILTON, UK – Described as a “festival within a festival,” the Field of Avalon at Glastonbury has built a passionately loyal following with its comfortable soul nourishing mix of folk/roots music, wholesome food and communal vibes. This year, that welcoming atmosphere was enhanced by warm and engaging lighting, thanks to a carefully crafted kit by GLS Lighting that utilised a collection of Rogue and STRIKE 4 fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

“As the Avalon Stage is a key focal point not just within the Field of Avalon, but also within the Glastonbury Festival itself, we felt it our duty to create huge engaging looks for the performers on stage,” commented Ian Turner, Project Manager of GLS Lighting. “With our selection of Chauvet fixtures, we were able to combine big looks and versatility in one complete package for some big bands such as The Feeling, Will Young and KT Tunstall, whilst still creating a high level of engagement for the audience.”

The GLS team, headed by Wil Thomas and John Curtis, flew 12 Rogue R1 Beam, 8 Rogue R2 Wash and 8 Rogue R2 Beam fixtures on the upstage truss. The R1 Beams were selected for their incredibly punchy beams, which are extremely bright despite their compact size. This allowed the LDs to utilise the powerful reach of the beams to their full extent shooting far into the crowd, while also adding endless looks thanks to their show with the fixtures’ gobos and prisms.

As two pockets of the tent housing the Avalon Stage were exposed during the day to sunlight, one of Turner’s key considerations was ensuring no show atmosphere was lost for the performers playing during the day. In adding the Rogue R2 to the arsenal of lighting fixtures on the Avalon Stage, Thomas and Curtis had both a practical tool for the daylight hours, and a cunning secret weapon for the evening.

“During daylight hours, the R2’s powerfully bright and punchy beams put to an end any concerns we may have had about losing any kind of atmosphere,” Turner said. “As the sun went down, we could throw the R2’s beams into the mix to create stunningly opulent looks worthy of the largest of headlining stages.”

A further eight Rogue R2 Washes gave Thomas and Curtis the option to shower the performers on stage with deep saturated colour and textures. “The R2 Washes are pretty amazing fixtures,” they commented. “They’re able to draw both a wide wash and a narrower beam, giving us plenty to play with. Combined with the punch of the R1 and R2 Beams, the stage looked full and the performances looked powerful.”

In addition to the collection of Rogue fixtures, the GLS team deployed STRIKE 4 fixtures positioned on above stage and side stage truss, thus ushering in a much larger stadium feel to the “intimacy” of the 3,000-capacity stage. The STRIKEs provided excellent blinding, warm white wash and strobe effects. Depending on the situation, GLS was able to create intensity with the blinder effects or atmosphere with the low level tungsten effect glow. The combination gave the artists on stage some classic looks upon which to get the crowd going at key moments in their sets.

From a technical standpoint, the GLS team was appreciative of the smooth dimming curve of the STRIKEs. “Not only is the STRIKE practical in the sense that the fixture essentially gives us three different functions in one, we don’t need to carry cumbersome dimmer racks: a huge advantage for the festival setup and de-rig!” they commented.

With Glastonbury over for another year, Field of Avalon’s “festival within a festival” status has been more than ratified by GLS’s incorporation of CHAUVET Professional fixtures on the Avalon main stage, and a great onsite design from Wil Thomas.

“The Avalon Stage has a truly credible reputation within the greater confines of Glastonbury, and as such we saw it as our duty to give the crowd, the performers and the Avalon organisers the most impressive lighting display we could create within the means we had,” concluded Turner. “And I’m pleased to say, thanks to our selection of CHAUVET Professional fixtures, we created a formidable event in its own right.”