Luxe Productions Makes Dreams Come True With Help From Rogues

Posted on March 29, 2017
Once Upon a Dream3

Photo Credit: Chasing Delight Photography

ROCKFORD, IL – It is a rite of passage… every child has dreamed of being transported to a charmed world of fantastical characters, where anything is possible and a wondrous new journey always waits just around the corner. Such a place doesn’t exist in the realm of adult reality, of course, unless you happen to journey to Once Upon A Dream.

Once Upon a Dream

Photo Credit: Chasing Delight Photography

Located about 90 miles outside Chicago, this performance group doesn’t merely entertain children with richly imaginative tales, it actually makes them part of the show, inviting them on stage with storybook characters. The magic of Once Upon A Dream was on full display recently at the theater’s recent Royal Winter Ball, where kids danced with a cast of legendary fairytale characters, gliding across the stage under the transformative light of CHAUVET Professional Rogue fixtures.

Jordan Chance, owner of Luxe Productions, made four Rogue R2 Wash fixtures the centerpiece of his design for the event. Positioning the fixtures above the stage across its width, he relied on them to provide dramatic downlight that accented key moments in the production, as well as for spot cues and general stage washing.

“The Rogues worked extremely well to set moods for us,” he said. “The versatility of their full color spectrum and their tight beam control make them perfect for this type of theater event.  We used our Rogues for a range of functions, from reflecting subtle mood changes to giving the stage dramatically different looks. The Rogue R2s allowed us to create both stagnant looks and also turn the room into a dance party instantly! Regardless of what we asked the fixtures to do, they always engaged the audience.”

Once Upon a Dream4

Photo Credit: Chasing Delight Photography

In addition to the Rogue R2 Wash and house ellipsoidals, Chance used six SlimPAR Pro RGBA par style fixtures from CHAUVET DJ to wash the ceiling over the stage with richly saturated warm hues.  Working in conjunction with the rest of the light plot, this had the effect of boxing the stage in color, which accented the magical aspect of the Royal Winter Ball narrative.

“The colors we were able to get from both the Rogue and SlimPAR fixtures was critical,” said Chance. “Having full DMX control to create the different looks was important.  Also, having full color spectrum and not just being limited to RGB was important to make the event feel cold or warm, depending on which direction the narrative took.”

“This is always a fun place to design at,” continued Chance. “Katie Sartino from Once Upon A Dream is amazing to work with.  Most of all, though, is that you get to use lighting to make magic happen for kids, which makes you feel pretty good.”

Once Upon a Dream2

Photo Credit: Chasing Delight Photography

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Photo Credit: Chasing Delight Photography