Powering Purpose Tour Mavericks Light Justin Bieber In Peru

Posted on June 20, 2017

Photo: Luis Enrique Choza

LIMA, PERU – It’s been four years since Justin Bieber performed in the Peruvian capital, and fans of the Canadian superstar have built up quite a case of Bieber Fever during that time. Some 30,000 of them jammed into Lima’s National Stadium when the singer’s worldwide Purpose tour stopped in Peru this spring. Bodies swaying and cell phones held high to capture the moment on video, they greeted him with unbridled enthusiasm from the moment he appeared in a large glass cube performing “Mark My Words,” until he exited the stage 21 songs later with “Sorry.”

Setting the visual tone for the concert and reflecting the growing maturity of Bieber as an artist was a Cory FitzGerald-designed multi-faceted Purpose tour lightshow. Providing some intense crowd and stage illumination for the tour’s Lima stop was a collection of 60 CHAUVET Professional Maverick MK1 Hybrid moving heads, supplied by DBLUX-SAC, which provided audio, lighting, video and power for the concert.

Photo: Luis Enrique Choza

Andrés Cuadros, who co-owns the company with Guillermo Riera, was confident placing the Maverick fixtures at this concert, which was produced by MOVE, because he knew they had the power to cut through atmospheric effects, video walls and ambient light in the large venue. “We were convinced to buy the Maverick because of its high output,” Cuadros said of the light, which is powered by an Osram Sirius 440W 7000K color temperature lamp.

Going beyond output, however, the Maverick’s flexibility also won Cuadros over. “This is a true hybrid, so it really gives us three fixtures in one,” he said. “We used it as a spot, a beam and wash. Things like the overlapping prisms and the gobos give us the ability to create a lot of different looks. Since the Maverick MK1 Hybrid is so versatile and powerful, we will be using it on other projects like a Bryan Adams concert and many more, like a theatrical show with 60 of the Mavericks at the Church of San Francisco.”

For the Bieber Lima concert, the Maverick MK1 Hybrid units were placed in a variety of positions. Some were located on angled truss structures to the left and right of the stage. Others were on towers and used for audience lighting.

“Everyone was moved by the lighting,” said Cuadros. “There were strong visual impressions created on the stage and by the audience lighting. This was a big event in Lima, and the lighting helped to make it more special.”

Photo: Luis Enrique Choza