Temperature Control! New Ovation E-930VW Variable White Ellipsoidal From CHAUVET Professional

Posted on November 29, 2017

SUNRISE, FL – CHAUVET Professional has introduced its first variable white LED ellipsoidal fixture, the Ovation E-930VW. Featuring a groundbreaking and unique 6-color LED system, the new fixture can perfectly match ambient natural light at different times a day, making it ideal for broadcast applications that are exposed to sunlight.

With color temperature presets from 2800 K to 8000 K, the Ovation E-930VW produces a flat even field of light with a very high CRI (88-92) and CQS. Each color temperature produced by the fixture can be further adjusted +/- green to fine tune the light.

“We engineered the Ovation E-930VW to give designers tighter control over color temperature, because the more precisely you can dial into the color spectrum with white light, the better people will look on camera,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “The Ovation E-930VW will excel when used for film, television, pop-up studios, churches or any application that requires realistic lighting on camera, especially those that are exposed to sunlight.”

Adding to the fixture’s performance as a broadcast light are its virtually silent operation and its adjustable PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), which avoids flickering light on camera. Smooth 16-bit dimming also enhances the performance of the Ovation E-930VW on and off camera.

Powered by 91 3W LEDs, the Ovation E-930VW delivers a robust output at all color temperatures. Each color group of LEDs in the fixture’s 6-color engine can be controlled independently. This allows a splash of color to be added to an application when necessary.

Compact, user-friendly and flexible, the Ovation E-930VW works with DMX and RDM protocols. It has Neutrik® powerCON® power input and output, plus 3-pin and 5-pin XLR data connectors. The versatile fixture works with all industry standard lens tubes and accessories.

“The Ovation E-930VW will fit right into the lighting professional’s current inventory of fixtures,” said Chauvet. “It offers all of the performance that you expect from an Ovation fixture — and it’s designed to excel in broadcast applications.”