The Design Oasis Expands With CHAUVET Professional

Posted on June 25, 2015

COLORado 1-Quad IPDAVIE, FL – The year started off strong for the Design Oasis when it created an eye-popping halftime show at the Capital One Orange Bowl for Grammy winners Little Big Town, and the company hasn’t looked back since. Recently the rapidly growing cross rental house took another giant step toward building its future, when it announced that it will be opening a second facility this summer.

The new site, which is located in Orlando, will allow the company to serve its Southeast client base in an even more efficient and timely manner. To help ensure that it will be able to meet this goal, The Design Oasis is increasing its inventory of COLORado Series fixtures from CHAUVET Professional that have helped fuel its growth.

In May, the company doubled the size of its COLORado Series inventory from 400 to 800 by adding an assortment of COLORado 1-Tri Tour and COLORado 1-Tri IP, as well as COLORado 1-Quad Tour and COLORado 1-Quad IP, fixtures to meet the increasing demand for the color-rending par-style wash fixture. “The Design Oasis has grown quickly by being responsive to the needs of our customers,” said Lucas Oliveira, partner and sales manager. “As a one-stop cross rental house, we pride ourselves in having what our customers want when they want it. The COLORado fixtures are critical to us being able to fulfill this role, because they’re very reliable and just right for so many different applications.”

The Design Oasis added 400 new COLORado 1-Tri Tour fixtures and COLORado 1-Tri IP fixtures to its existing 400-unit inventory. Partner Abbas Ritscher believes there are a number of good reasons why this inventory will much in demand.

“Our customers who use the COLORado1-Tri Tour and 1-Tri IP know they can depend on these fixtures to do the job in a wide variety of applications,” said Ritscher. “The color rendering is excellent, thanks in part to the units’ optics; plus there’s the selectable dimming curves. The fixtures are also ready to set up and link with Neutrik powerCON connectors. They are a great work horse for any system, regardless of where and how they’re being used. Now as a result of our inventory expansion, our customer base knows that they can count on us for these and other fixtures at any time. That’s what our success as a company is built on.”