Travis Scott Pre-Thanksgiving Show Features CHAUVET Professional

Posted on December 1, 2015
Travis Scott

BOSTON – The fabled Plymouth Rock is only about 43 miles from the Massachusetts capital, but fans who packed The House of Blues in the heart of this historic city to see a pair of Thanksgiving week shows by rapper (and Rihanna boyfriend) Travis Scott were treated to a high impact musical performance that the original Pilgrims could hardly have imagined. The 23-year-old Texan was at his brutal full-throated best for two shows, moving on stage with passion and energy, touching raw nerves and adrenaline inflamed hearts, all while supported by an immersive video display on a wall created with MVP Ta8 Curve panels from CHAUVET Professional.

Travis Scott 2“This was an intense super-charged show with a lot of passion and energy,” said Darren Lussier of Image Production Services, which set up and ran the video panels. “Sometimes you might not run these panels at full brightness, but we did for this show. Between the brightness and the nice crisp resolution of the panels, we created a strong visual impression to match the performance on stage.”

Lussier and his team built a 12’ wide by 16’ high video wall on center stage. Using CHAUVET Professional MVP rigging clamps, they attached the wall to a linear overhead truss bar. “In a project like this at a club like the House of Blues, you don’t always have a great deal of time to set up,” he said. “The thing that I appreciate about these panels from a practical standpoint is that they go up and come down very easily.”

The content fed to the MVP Ta8 Curve panels via HDMI in 1920 x 1081P resolution was provided by Travis Scott’s team. It consisted primarily of FX videos. Oftentimes the video content matched the theme of the rapper’s songs and was coordinated with other scenic pieces on stage. For example, during one period when the illuminated representations of cactus plants and other desert scenery decorated the stage, the video wall showed a searing sun. At other times when rock formation scenic elements appeared, the video panels showed a surreal cliff.

Prior to Travis Scott’s appearance on stage, Lussier used the videos to show stylized images of the House of Blues logo. “A good thing about video walls is that they really allow you to change the environment on the stage in a heartbeat,” he said. “We saw that in this show where we used the video wall to build anticipation before the artist came on stage and then used it to change the atmosphere during the performance. For my money, video walls are a real audience engagement tool.”

Travis Scott 3