Warrior Profile: Brett Angstadt Round Peg Productions

Posted on August 9, 2016

This Maryland based LD has a calm cool demeanor that never seems to waver. Good thing too, since Angstadt has done high pressured one offs and two offs (if there is such a term) for superstars like Amy Schumer and Fetty Wap to name a few. Sometimes, these gigs come up with very short notice. That doesn’t matter though, because this personable LD always keeps his cool, his artful sense of design – and the Rogue R2 Washes that invariably occupy a place of honor in his rig. Angstadt, whose body of work also includes festivals, music venues and more, sat down with us to talk about living and lighting with Rogue.

When did you first try Rogue? What made you take the leap? Was it love at first sight with the Rogue?
“I remember it well. It was at a festival about a year ago. We had a late afternoon – early evening set. The thing that made me fall for these fixtures was that they worked great as eye candy with the zone control macros. I arranged to get them in for a demo as soon as I could after that. The rest is history!”


You used Rogues on gigs with some famous stars like Fetty Wap and Amy Schumer, do you think the Rogues have star power themselves?
“They most definitely have star power within the lighting designer world. We love them as a fixture that works on any show.”

Of all the acts you ever lit with Rogues, who’s your favorite?
“Amy Schumer.”

Did you ever drop a Rogue?
“Thankfully no!”

Would you cry if you did?
“Only on the inside.”

What is your favorite Rogue feature?
“The zoom range!”

So what’s the craziest thing you ever did with the zoom range?
“I really liked them zoomed in tight for my walk in look with Amy Schumer. It gave a beam type look from the same light I would also use to wash the stage. Crazy right?!?”

What is the most fun part of using Rogues on a gig?
“Having so many options from a single fixture. That really gets my creative juices flowing.”

What would you say are the main things that Rogues contribute to your designs?
“A great wash, nice beam look and cool eye candy effects.”

Do Rogues make acts look sexier?
“They brought sexy back.”

So if lighting fixtures were beverages what would Rogues be?
“A good draft beer.”

How many bottles would you consume?
“I take as many 6 packs as I can get on the show. Usually 18.”