Justin Kitchenman: Purposeful Light

The arena shows he creates for his client Luke Bryan are sweeping and bold, but this Nashville-based designer strays from the principle that even the biggest design depends on the smallest details.

Brent Schmidt's Lighting Magic

While magician Rick Smith Jr. is enthralling audiences with his artful sleight of hand, designer Brent Schmidt is enhancing their experience with evocative lighting. The Cleveland-based designer talks about the tricks of lighting magic shows.

Gerry Dintelman on the House

St. Louis’ Ready Room is a popular spot among bands passing through the USA’s heartland. The LDs traveling with those groups always find a ready welcome and a ready-to-go lighting rig, thanks to the efforts of this talented house LD. He shares some of his experiences at the 750-capacity venue with us.

Danish Stars Shine with Rogue R1 Wash

Theis Wermuth upended common notions of truss positioning for the EBBA and Danish Music Award winning band Alphabeat and in the process created a look that was at once startling and inviting. Key to this feat were his rig’s 78 Rogue R1 Wash fixtures.

Video Insights: The Black Keys on Tour with Strike

Go backstage on The Black Keys "Let's Rock" Tour with Eric Cathcart & Mike Grant as they analyze their electrifying design using 400 STRIKE 1 fixtures.


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