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David Howard Reflects Spirit of MCM Comic Con With CHAUVET Professional

LONDON – When Steve Yeardsley discusses why his company recently invested in the CHAUVET Professional Maverick MK3 Profile, the word “versatility” comes up often. “Ultimately the draw of this fixture is its performance package as a whole, including brightness, zoom, shutters, compactness and many other features,” said the Managing Director of OneBigStar. “The MK3 Profiles […]

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Historic Stadttheater Aschaffenburg Enters LED Era with CHAUVET Professional

ASCHAFFENBURG, GERMANY — The German theatrical tradition, with its powerful playwrights like Bertoldi Brecht and Heiner Müller, has always relied on colorful and vivid productions to convey the intricacies of the nation’s intricate language and rich culture. For more than two centuries, this tradition has flourished beautifully at the Stadttheater Aschaffenburg, which has played host […]

Landon Bloss Goes Rogue On Billy Currington Tour

NASHVILLE – Like many passengers on the flight from Nashville to New York, Landon Bloss donned headphones soon after takeoff. He wasn’t listening purely for pleasure though. Instead, he was taking a crash course in the music of Billy Currington. Like just about everyone in Nashville, Bloss was familiar with the CMT Award winning baritone’s […]

Andrew Exeter Colors “The Dreamcoat” with CHAUVET Professional

LONDON – A large pyramid shaped scenic element defined the stage in the British Theatre Academy’s recent production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Its classic, unmistakable outline symbolized ancient Egypt in this time-honored musical, the first written by Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber, that recounts the story of Joseph from The Book of Genesis. […]

Maverick MK3 Wash Rocks The Vote

Patrick Dierson called it “the chandelier.” For the fans who packed Brooklyn’s Barclay Center on Monday night October 21 for the TIDAL X Rock the Vote Show, it was a massive piece of eye candy that riveted their attention as it glittered over the stage in support of the upbeat music being performed below. Anchoring […]

Corey Easterbrook – Elevating Events

To keep your audience engaged, says Corey Easterbrook, you have to create a “continuous flow of looks” that changes as the evening progresses, making sure to add subtle color shifts to your design, and texturizing the stage with deftly projected gobo patterns. The owner of Hothouse Music and Productions in Fort Myers, Florida Easterbrook isn’t […]

Luke Edwards – Patterns in Light

Like some mesmerizing pantomimist who captivates with fluid, silent gestures, lighting can, when artfully choreographed, immerse the sense by creating a dynamic tapestry of shapes and patterns on stage. Luke Edwards has channeled this transformative power of light in recent designs for clients like Jacob Collier and Gary Numan. Eschewing big, sweeping movements, he has […]


Dandy’s Lighting Reflects Kodaline’s Persona With CHAUVET Professional ÉPIX Strip Tour

DUBLIN – What’s in a name? Shakespeare once pondered this. D. Reilly of Dandy’s Lighting took the famous bard’s question one step further recently when he stood with Kodaline lead guitarists Mark Prendergast and wondered “what’s in a logo?” Reilly was mulling over production design concepts for the popular Irish rockers’ 2019 European tour with Prendergast […]

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Creative BackStage Creates Flow of Looks at West Coast Music Festival With CHAUVET Professional

TUSCON, ARIZONA – Building on the momentum of last year’s inaugural event, the West Coast Music Festival treated fans to a star-studded line up of hip-hop, DJ and rap artists this fall. Headlining the festival at Tucson’s Mercado district was the legendary Ice Cube. Supporting the iconic artist’s performance, while also creating dynamic looks for […]