Paragon 360 Transforms Space in Older Church With CHAUVET Professional

HUNTSVILLE, AL – Whitesburg Baptist was at a crossroads last year. Leaders at the 7,000-member church knew that they had to modernize their worship space to create a more engaging environment, one that would support their three different Sunday services while also being more camera friendly for livestreams and broadcasts. The question they faced was […]

Lighta Lighta…Tech Diva Ja Lights Up Jamaica With CHAUVET Professional

KINGSTON, JAMACIA – In Jamaica, a common cheer at events, especially concerts, are shouts of “Lighta, Lighta” accompanied by an enthusiastic audience member or two blasting an open flame towards the night sky in support of performances. Before the pandemic brought large public gatherings to a halt, Tech Diva Ja, provided such a moment for […]

Julien Reux – Redefining Space

Lighting transcends time and place. In the age of COVID-19, it also has been called upon to leap over traditional boundaries of space. It’s a concept that Julien Reux has become intimately familiar with since the summer. The owner of ReuxLight in Los Angeles, Reux attracted attention lighting a four-night “virtual tour” for Wallows. Unlike […]