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CSD Group and CHAUVET Professional Create Contemporary Worship Environment at Summit Church

DURHAM – With its crisp, glimmering lines broken up by the occasional geometric pattern, the new Capital Hills main campus of Summit Church looks right at home in North Carolina’s famed “Research Triangle,” which is routinely ranked as one of the most tech-savvy areas in the United States. The high-tech impression conveyed by the building’s […]

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Smooth Sailing on Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise for Nesta Garrick with Maverick Storm 1 Wash

FORT LAUDERDALE – As someone who “grew up in reggae,” Nesta Garrick takes special pride and pleasure in lighting the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise, an annual December excursion that showcases many of the genre’s leading stars. But every year, the Jamaican-born LD disembarked from the floating festival’s ship with the same unfulfilled wish: he […]

Jvan Morandi Narrative Light

Early in his career, this Italian-born designer was looking for a way to reflect the melodic sound of his client Faithless for their 2001 tour when he came upon the idea of combining video and light. In pursuit of this vision, he experimented with different alternatives, including an attempt to trigger CD Roms with a […]


Érik Nowosielski-Lamoureux Goes Rogue and Asymmetrical For Petit Chanteur de Laval

MONTREAL – The opportunity to grow lies within every unexpected challenge. The wisdom of this age-old adage resonated clearly for Érik Nowosielski-Lamoureux this holiday season. Arriving at the Salle Marguerite Bourgeoys performing arts center to light a two hour and thirty-minute Christmas concert by Petit Chanteur de Laval, the Québécois LD proceeded to position his […]

Lighting a “Broadcast Campus”

In January 1996, what is now Life.Church was founded as Life Covenant Church in a two car garage equipped with an overhead projector and two construction lights purchased at Lowes for under $40. The church and its technological prowess have both come a long way since then. Ranked among the largest houses of worship in […]

Mike Berger’s Universal Light

As a student at Carnegie Mellon University, this Los Angeles based designer was taught that the same core principles of lighting apply across all disciplines, be they architecture, broadcast, theatre or concert. Although the techniques and technology employed may vary, at its heart the driving force behind lighting design is universal, applying to all areas […]