PROTONES Calls On CHAUVET Professional To Set Mood For Netflix Special

HAMBURG, GERMANY – Built in 1908, the Laeiszhalle concert hall enchants visitors with its many unique architectural features, such as the towering organ integrated into the back wall of its stage. This made the historic venue an ideal setting for “Hype,” an on-demand Netflix production by and about the award-winning comedian and author Felix Lobrecht. […]

House Work

Across the world clubs have been shuttered since the start of the pandemic. How has this affected the lives and careers of those who work inside as house LDs? What adjustments did they have to make after their venues closed? Now that those clubs are showing signs of reopening, how are they readying themselves? We […]

Lighting Geometry

For a livestream show celebrating the debut of Breathe Carolina’s own Twitch channel, LD Julien Reux took advantage of Will Chandler’s thoughtfully crafted studio rig at Envizion Group’s Los Angeles facility to create a sense of architecture with light. Playing off against this framework, Reux created a dynamic, fast-moving punted show. Although Reux had done […]

Time and Place – John Garberson and Big Surf Waterpark

Its name may evoke images of the deep blue sea, but the nearest ocean beach is 220 miles away in Rocky Point, Mexico. That isn’t to say you can’t catch a wave at Tempe, Arizona’s Big Surf Waterpark, which features a 2.5-million-gallon “Waikiki Pool” capable of creating five-foot waves. At different times during the year, […]