Lighting Insights


I’m With The Band: Scott Light and Tauk

The word “energy” comes up often when Scott Light talks about his longtime client Tauk. For anyone who has seen one of the Brooklyn band’s shows, it’s easy to understand why. Building albums around sci-fi tinged themes like Artificial Intelligence, Tauk exudes a powerful, abstract force that leaps quantum style over traditional music genres with […]


Ola Melzig – Bold Light

At the end of these articles, we typically ask our interview subjects how they would like to be remembered. We’ve received a lot of insightful answers over the years, but never one quite like the response from this acclaimed production manager who closed our interview by declaring “the world never remembers a coward.” Bravery and […]

Antic Studios – The River of Video and Light

Where does the light show end, and the video show begin? Pose this question to Max Koehler and Ryan Warffuel of Antic Studios, and you’re likely to get a polite, but quizzical look. In their collaborative designs, light and video flow as naturally into one another as two streams of water joining to form a […]


Great Glastonbury

From the Pyramid Stage, where Tim Routledge used the COLORado Solo Batten to accent a stirring performance by headliner Stormzy, to the magical Flying Bus Stage and Greenpeace Field, to the jam-packed Acoustic Stage, CHAUVET Professional sprinkled the 36th edition of the Glastonbury Festival with vivid colors and dazzlingly bright light. Our fixtures enlivened some […]

Keith Hoagland’s Light Bridge

Every lightshow is the result of an incredible (some might even say improbable) journey. Starting perhaps on a long walk through the woods as a slight vibration in the deepest recesses of a designer’s mind, then being captured somehow in a software rendering, before finally blossoming into its full glory as a panorama that transfixes […]

Denny Arndt Outlining Stages

For lighting designers, the concert or festival stage is like an artist’s canvas, a welcoming space waiting to come alive with color and movement that will later appear to wrap themselves effortlessly around the music of the moment. Like any canvas, this stage has a frame, and it is in the perimeter area that Denny […]

Marc Brickman – Artistic Light

Meeting this Los Angeles-based designer, we were eager to hear about some of his epic projects, like how he transformed the Empire State Building with the iconic structure’s first synchronized music and lighting display. Or, how his work as one of the driving creative forces behind some of Pink Floyd’s spectacular lightshows influenced a generation […]

Rodger Pugh Bending Reality With Light

Without light there is no reality… at least not in the common form of the shapes, colors and endless contours that confirm the established order of things. Driving out the shadows, light defines all that is familiar. But manipulate it just a bit, twist its angles, or send it flying off in unexpected directions, and […]

On The House: Sean Keegan Gypsy Sally’s

Sean Keegan got into light through sound; and it is his ear for music that still guides his lighting vision today, as the house LD at Washington, D.C.’s jam band haven, Gypsy Sally’s. A self-described “sound guy,” Keegan was initially hired by the freewheeling Georgetown club to run its audio system, but quickly found himself […]

Johanna Town Heightened Light

At the start of every project, before she even begins to put together a lighting plot, this celebrated British LD and chair of the Association of Lighting Designers reads through a script and lists the colours she associates with each character and scene. Many of those colours will never appear in her final design; practical […]