Lighting Insights


Inspiring Hope In Curaçao

Reaching 56.4 meters above the crystal blue waters of St. Anna Bay, the Queen Juliana Bridge (the highest such structure in the Caribbean), affords spectacular views of this nation’s capital city and its beautiful beaches. On the evening of Sunday March 22, it also offered an inspiring view of the future, when it served as […]

Sharing Knowledge

Dave Kallaway loves funk music. It doesn’t matter whether he’s playing it as the morning host on hit music 99.5 WIFC, or banging it out on his own five-piece drum set. The central Wisconsin native has been an enthusiastic drummer since grade school, when his parents got him a set at K-Mart. So, when a […]

Connecting Communities

Stay at home restrictions have prevented the Clermont, Ohio Chamber of Commerce from holding its regular meetings. But now, more than ever, its member businesses are seeking guidance from the 50-year old organization, particularly on the steps they can take to navigate their way through this period of lockdowns. A highlight of the chamber’s educational […]

Expressing Thanks

Serving people in a time of crisis is nothing new for Kaiser Permanente. The giant not-for-profit healthcare consortium began life in 1933, during the Great Depression, when a young physician, Sidney R. Garfield, opened a 12-bed hospital in the middle of California’s Mojave Desert to care for itinerant workers at the Colorado River Aqueduct. Although […]

Rick Leussink – Unifying Light

When discussing the mission of lighting, this well-known Dutch designer often speaks in terms of story-telling. The interplay of colors and patterns, bursts of brightness and evocative shadows, has the power to grip emotions, but they are merely futile, albeit pretty, gestures if they do not serve to unfold the story his client is trying […]

Tim Messina – Determined Light

John Kennedy liked to tell people that when written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ was composed of two characters, one representing danger, the other opportunity. Today, this fellow New Englander is demonstrating the wisdom of the late president’s words in the way he has been responding to the coronavirus’ impact on business at his Derry, […]

Colorizing Pigeons on

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong thrives on contact with their large, loyal base of hardcore fans. Feeding off the energy of the crowd powers the psychedelic funk jam band through a relentless touring schedule that includes about 200 shows a year. But a wildly cheering audience was nowhere to be seen when the irrepressible quartet took […]

From Warehouse to Streaming Studio

At 7 pm on Saturday, March 21, the four members of Feed the Dog found themselves someplace they never thought they’d be a few weeks earlier: standing before microphones ready to perform their high energy blend of rock and bluegrass music. There was no audience present, but the jam banders, who have played at clubs […]

Lighting Code Orange Livestream Party

Expectations were high when Code Orange announced plans for their Underneath album release party. It wasn’t only fans of the award-winning metal band who were licking their chops; the excitement level for Sam Jimenez, their new 20-year-old lighting designer and production designer was through the roof, too. Describing himself as an “extreme fan” of the […]

Going Rogue For Menzingers

Paul Siebert makes no bones about it: every night, as soon as punk rockers Menzingers strike the first snarling note in one of their Hello Exile Tour sets, he kicks his lightshow into fourth gear. “I really try to introduce a lot of energy into the room as early as possible,” he explained. “This is […]

Will Chandler – Light and Place

A lighting design, particularly one done for an outdoor festival never takes place in a vacuum. Enveloping the stage, and extending far beyond its reach are its surroundings. They may be rural or urban, aesthetically beautiful or unnervingly jarring. They may even be nothing more than wide open space and sky. One thing is certain […]