Lighting Insights


Capturing Light

It’s been said that a lighting designer’s work is always in the moment. Like the rising sun or a shooting star, it dazzles, impresses, inspires…but in the end it can never be held on to. While it’s impossible to freeze a designer’s work in time, good photography can capture at least some of its essence, […]

Balancing Stage And Setting

Back in the late 1530s, Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries that had been familiar fixtures on the English landscape prior to the Reformation. Most of the stately buildings were destroyed, their material scavenged for other purposes. But one survived thanks to the intervention of Augustine Steward, Mayor of Norwich, who convinced the king to deed […]

Nic Farman Defining Space On Stage

Theatre may, as some believe, offer an “escape from reality” that gives people a new (and hopefully wiser) way of looking at their real lives when they return from their brief sojourn into the imaginary world depicted on stage. Like all worlds, however, even the invented one of theatre must be marked off by space. […]

Scott Warner Ingenious Light

Early in his career (and theirs), this Pittsburgh-based designer toured with GWAR as their LD. Still on the brink of stardom, the future metal icons and multi-Grammy nominees made extra money by opening for themselves under a different name — something they were able to do since they performed in costume. Lighting both “groups,” Warner […]

Victor Zeiser’s Rolling Shows

Carts are powering down the fast lane when it comes to lighting live music venue tours. The development of more compact, but powerful, LED fixtures and other advances in lighting technology have made it possible to put together a bright, flexible and endlessly interesting lightshow on four or five pre-cabled carts. Now that cart-based shows […]

Glittering For Shinedown

When planning for their current tour in support of their sixth studio album, Attention Attention, hard rock masters Shinedown told their lighting designer Carter Fulghum that they wanted more saturated colors and darker looks than they’ve had in the past. It’s easy to see why. With its raw gut-wrenching songs about struggle and redemption, the […]

Paul Pyant: Balanced Light

When discussing his acclaimed work in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with us, this Olivier Award winner jokingly referred to himself as a “Darkness Designer.” Indeed, it would have been impossible for anyone who saw Pyant’s lighting design for the 2013 Sam Mendes-directed musical not to marvel at how he wielded dark space like some […]

Nook Schoenfeld: Unique Light

How did Richard “Nook” Schoenfeld get his trademark nickname? The answer remains shrouded in mystery, even after our extensive interview with the Parnelli Award winning designer. Without sharing too many details, though, he did allow that growing up he had two friends named Richard, and not wanting to “be like anyone else,” he adopted his […]

JP Wilson’s Immersive Events

Frank Sinatra was once described as “the best friend a songwriter ever had.” It wasn’t just Old Blue Eyes’ vocal qualities that stood out, it was also his uncanny ability to go beyond singing a song, and actually extract the meaning out of its lyrics as he turned them into music. We don’t know if […]

Joseph Bingham: Moving With Dancers

Joseph Bingham has more than the audience and choreographer in mind when he lights a dance production. Aside from creating an architecture of light that enhances choreographed performances, his work is intended for the dancers themselves, not just to sculpt their physical forms, but nourish their spirit as well. Going beyond its aesthetic effect, lighting […]