Lighting Insights


Rob Sinclair – Unfinished Light

“Art is never finished,” wrote Leonardo da Vinci. The great Renaissance artist would no doubt have appreciated the approach that this London based designer has taken to lighting shows by a stellar collection of clients that includes Florence and the Machine, Kylie Minogue, Bastille, Queen + Adam Lambert, Tame Impala, David Byrne and Goldfrapp. Meticulous […]

Defining the Stage for Fitz and the Tantrums

Officially, Fitz and the Tantrums are a six-piece band. But to the talented artists who make up this SoCal indie soul ensemble, that’s not entirely accurate. In interview after interview, they go out of their way to point to the seventh member of their group: the audience. This band-crowd connection is evident to anyone who […]

Nick Ho – Lighting the Broad Canvas

Dominating the Kallang waterfront with its towering domed, retractable roof supported by a lattice work of chrome and steel beams, the National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub presents an imposing image. But for Nick Ho, the 55,000-seat stadium is just another “office.” In recent years, the Singapore-based LD has built a stellar reputation for […]

Eric Wade Locating Light

What’s the first thing you look at when you begin a design? We often pose this question during our interviews with LDs. Usually, their answers revolve around their clients’ music, a prominent set piece, or the visuals of an album cover. All important considerations to be sure, but for Usher’s long-time designer, the creative process […]

Dustin L. Derry Moments in Light

“Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.” This line from the seminal science fiction novel “The Girl in the Golden Atom,” which was published almost a century ago, kept running through our head during our conversation with this accomplished dance designer and former lighting director of the Moscow Ballet. Channeling time and its […]

Luke Stratton’s Video Experience

On Saturday, April 27, Dopapod ended a year long hiatus with a show at the iconic Capitol Theatre outside New York City. Fans of the progressive jam band weren’t disappointed, as they unleashed a new song that they conjured up in their year away from touring. The Capitol Theatre show also represented a new creative […]

Lighting At Louis Vuitton

Their births separated by a little over a year and 500 kilometers, Ahmad Jamal and Frank Gehry seem to have followed the same creative star over the course of their long, fertile lives. Jamal, who came into this world on July 2, 1930 in Pittsburgh, learned to play the piano at three, and became a […]

I’m With The Band: Scott Light and Tauk

The word “energy” comes up often when Scott Light talks about his longtime client Tauk. For anyone who has seen one of the Brooklyn band’s shows, it’s easy to understand why. Building albums around sci-fi tinged themes like Artificial Intelligence, Tauk exudes a powerful, abstract force that leaps quantum style over traditional music genres with […]


Ola Melzig – Bold Light

At the end of these articles, we typically ask our interview subjects how they would like to be remembered. We’ve received a lot of insightful answers over the years, but never one quite like the response from this acclaimed production manager who closed our interview by declaring “the world never remembers a coward.” Bravery and […]

Antic Studios – The River of Video and Light

Where does the light show end, and the video show begin? Pose this question to Max Koehler and Ryan Warffuel of Antic Studios, and you’re likely to get a polite, but quizzical look. In their collaborative designs, light and video flow as naturally into one another as two streams of water joining to form a […]