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Creative Rental Solutions Provides Visual Mystique for Fantasia with CHAUVET Professional

ZOGGE, BELGIUM – Although the Fantasia festival succeeds in attracting some of the hottest EDM and trance DJs year after year, it’s built a fanatically loyal fan base with much more than music alone. Drawing on the power of its wildly imaginative and elaborate stage scenery, Fantasia succeeds in cocooning festival-goers in a multi-sensory experience […]

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Martins Ekwueme Creates Varied Looks at Nigeria’s Delta Anniversary Night With CHAUVET Professional

ASABA, NIGERIA – The Delta State is rich in resources, tradition, and popular culture icons. All three were celebrated recently at “Delta Anniversary Night: An Evening of Music, Comedy and Class.” Marking the 28th anniversary of this state on the south Nigeria coast, the evening featured performances by some of Africa’s leading musicians, such as […]

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CHAUVET Professional Helps Brent Schmidt Balance the Practical and Aesthetic at SkySprout

COLUMBUS, OH – “When it comes down to it, nothing trumps execution,” wrote Gary Vaynerchuk, the best-selling author and venture capitalist. Vaynerchuk didn’t pen these words to describe the SkySprout Summit, where he recently delivered the keynote speech, but they do provide an apt description of what event organizer Nick Francis and lighting designer Brent […]


St. Malachy Church Blends Liturgy and Light with CHAUVET Professional

STERLING HEIGHTS, MI – Stained glass windows have traditionally provided a beautiful visual backdrop that’s added passion and power to services inside Catholic churches. The rectangular stained-glass windows at St Malachy also fill this role with their vivid colors and religious-themed abstract patterns. However, this dynamic church outside Detroit recently took a step beyond stained […]