Rogue Warriors

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CHAUVET Professional and Schallmeister Underline Magical Setting for ‘Emotional Moments’ at Westerholt Castle

SLANE, IRELAND – Rock bands have a history of performing in unusual and interesting places. From Pink Floyd live at the ancient Roman amphitheater in Pompeii, to Guns n’ Roses at Slane Castle in Ireland, the mystique of an unusual and historic setting has elevated the experience of the audience by providing an all-encompassing visual […]

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Events Evolutions Uplifts at Zimbabwe Worship Experience 2020 with CHAUVET Professional

HARRE, ZIMBABWE – Calling Worship Experience 2020 “inspirational,” is akin to describing the Ferrari 812 as merely “fast.” This year’s edition of the annual gathering at the aptly named Rainbow Towers in this nation’s capital was an ecstatic, full throttled celebration of hope. This was beautifully evident in the musical segment of the event, which […]


Danish Stars Shine With Rogue R1 Wash

Defy the expected order of things, and you treat the imagination to a liberating experience. This principle lies at the heart of the creative spirit in art, literature, and music. It also fueled the evocative power of Theis Wermuth’s design for Alphabeat when the Danish pop stars did two arena shows in November. Departing from […]