Loughborough Town Hall Increases Diversity With CHAUVET Professional

LOUGHBOROUGH, UK – An Elvis tribute one week, an appearance by the Russian National Ballet the next, followed by a comedy show after that. Although Loughborough is a small town, its 58,000 residents never want for entertainment options, thanks to their thriving entertainment center. Built in 1855 as a corn exchange, the stately structure has […]

Lee Curran Bends Reality In Woyzeck With CHAUVET Professional

BIRMINGHAM, UK – From its very creation, Woyzeck has defied easy categorization. The great German dramatist Georg Büchner died before he finished this woeful tale of a soldier returning home from war to an uncertain life, leaving the play, like a work of timeless jazz, open to endless interpretations by future writers who would “complete” […]

CHAUVET Professional Rig Reflects Passion For Bama Theatre

TUSCALOOSA, AL –  In every city there is a building that seems to occupy a special place in the hearts of local residents. For many in Tuscaloosa, that honor belongs to the three-story brick and limestone structure on the corner of Sixth Street and Greensboro Avenue that houses the Bama Theatre. A Depression-era public works […]

Zoe Spurr Brings Magic To Life For The Beginners With CHAUVET Professional

LONDON – Oversized flowers bloom, waiflike stalactites fly, and the leaded weight of “adult” concerns lifts like the morning mist in the final third of The Beginners. A play-within-a-play featuring 4-10-year-olds, this memorable passage opens a window into the boundless and colorful imaginative powers of childhood. Adding impact to this wondrous play, and making its […]

CHAUVET Professional Maverick Adds Magic To Into the Woods

LONDON, UK — While the 2014 Disney film production of Into the Woods garnered huge amounts of attention, thanks in part to its all-star Hollywood cast including the likes of Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp, a recent UCL theatre production has succeeded in stripping down the Stephen Sondheim classic to its thematic core – exposing […]