Lee Curran Bends Reality In Woyzeck With CHAUVET Professional

BIRMINGHAM, UK – From its very creation, Woyzeck has defied easy categorization. The great German dramatist Georg Büchner died before he finished this woeful tale of a soldier returning home from war to an uncertain life, leaving the play, like a work of timeless jazz, open to endless interpretations by future writers who would “complete” […]

CHAUVET Professional Rig Reflects Passion For Bama Theatre

TUSCALOOSA, AL –  In every city there is a building that seems to occupy a special place in the hearts of local residents. For many in Tuscaloosa, that honor belongs to the three-story brick and limestone structure on the corner of Sixth Street and Greensboro Avenue that houses the Bama Theatre. A Depression-era public works […]

Zoe Spurr Brings Magic To Life For The Beginners With CHAUVET Professional

LONDON – Oversized flowers bloom, waiflike stalactites fly, and the leaded weight of “adult” concerns lifts like the morning mist in the final third of The Beginners. A play-within-a-play featuring 4-10-year-olds, this memorable passage opens a window into the boundless and colorful imaginative powers of childhood. Adding impact to this wondrous play, and making its […]

CHAUVET Professional Maverick Adds Magic To Into the Woods

LONDON, UK — While the 2014 Disney film production of Into the Woods garnered huge amounts of attention, thanks in part to its all-star Hollywood cast including the likes of Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp, a recent UCL theatre production has succeeded in stripping down the Stephen Sondheim classic to its thematic core – exposing […]

Pomona College Theatre and Dance Department Adds CHAUVET Professional

CLAREMONT, CA – Visiting lighting designers have always been eager to come to Pomona College’s Seaver Theatre. It’s easy to see why, too. Tucked away near the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains outside Los Angeles, the school’s leafy campus is reminiscent of a New England Ivy League institution, and it has academic standards to […]

American School in Japan Adds CHAUVET Professional Maverick

TOKYO – Since its founding in 1902, the American School in Japan has sought to provide its students with a well-rounded education. This is very apparent in the diversity of its student body, which includes youngsters from 47 different countries, as well as in its diverse program of music, theatre, and conferences. Recently, the school […]

CHAUVET Professional Mavericks Add Versatility To Old Log Theatre

EXCELSIOR, MN – Old Log Theatre, which seats 385 in a picturesque timber-beam venue about 20 miles west of Minneapolis, continues to have a big impact on the theatre in its state. The oldest professional continuously running theatre in America, it has helped launch and advance many professional and amateur careers, including that of Academy […]