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PROTONES Calls On CHAUVET Professional To Set Mood For Netflix Special

HAMBURG, GERMANY – Built in 1908, the Laeiszhalle concert hall enchants visitors with its many unique architectural features, such as the towering organ integrated into the back wall of its stage. This made the historic venue an ideal setting for “Hype,” an on-demand Netflix production by and about the award-winning comedian and author Felix Lobrecht. […]

The Virtual Venue By Pytch Gets Special Looks With CHAUVET Professional

BRISTOL, UK – From the outside, the complex of buildings at 21-25 Bonville Road, Brislington doesn’t look markedly different than it did in 2019. Inside, however, a quiet revolution is underway. The building’s owner, Pytch, which until recently was known as SXS Events, has been busily reinventing itself since the COVID-19 lockdown brought its thriving […]

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MDM Productions Celebrates Dana Winner’s 30th Anniversary with CHAUVET Professional

ANTWERP, BELGIUM – Catchy songwriting and unbridled exuberance, along with a distinctive mix of Dutch, German and English musical influences have kept Belgian singer Dana Winner at the center of the international pop scene for three decades. Her enduring popularity was emphatically demonstrated at her recent televised 30th anniversary show at the Lotto Arena which […]

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David Howard Reflects Spirit of MCM Comic Con With CHAUVET Professional

LONDON – When Steve Yeardsley discusses why his company recently invested in the CHAUVET Professional Maverick MK3 Profile, the word “versatility” comes up often. “Ultimately the draw of this fixture is its performance package as a whole, including brightness, zoom, shutters, compactness and many other features,” said the Managing Director of OneBigStar. “The MK3 Profiles […]