CHAUVET Professional Lights The Clevelander at Marlins Park

Posted on July 5, 2012

MIAMI, Fla.– Located at the new Miami Marlins Park, The Clevelander, an innovative version of The Clevelander South Beach, utilizes CHAUVET Professional moving heads to bring a taste of South Beach to the ballpark.

The venue allows for approximately 250 guests to access field level seats, while also providing a full bar, pool and live DJ set featuring professional dancers and body painting.

Tasked with lighting The Clevelander, Louie Uribe identified the back walls as canvases to create wall art on. At first, he selected nine CHAUVET Professional Q-Spot 260-LED moving heads “to experiment with because of their affordability, but we really love them,” Uribe says.

He plans to implement more CHAUVET Professional Q-Spot 260-LED moving heads at the Marlins Park location, as well as The Clevelander South Beach location. “There are a lot of new fixtures out there, but Chauvet is head on with today’s competition,” Uribe says. “Chauvet has made it happen for us; their pricing is on ball.”

Gear list:
9 x Q-Spot 260-LED