CHAUVET Professional Rogue R2 Washes Wear Many Hats On Amy Schumer Tour

Posted on December 17, 2015
Amy Schumer

SUNRISE, FL – Amy Schumer has become one of the hottest names in entertainment — and a key reason why is the wide breadth and scope of her performances. Fans who flock to see a live act by this multi-talented comedian and film star can look forward to enjoying a diverse show that includes edgy comedy, far ranging commentary, music and just plain fun. It’s only fitting, then, that the CHAUVET Professional Rogue R2 Washes that are anchoring the lighting rig on the superstar’s current tour should fill a variety of roles.

Amy Tour 5Lighting designer Brett Angstadt of Round Peg Productions, working with Showtime Sound, uses the 16 Rogue R2 Washes in his rig as front washes, zone effects, aerial lights and more. “Showtime Sound, which is providing lighting, audio and video for the tour, brought me in on the project,” said the LD. “I worked with Scott Tydings, the owner of Showtime Sound and the production manager for the tour, to design the stage look and set/drape package with input from Amy’s management. We wanted to create something very versatile to reflect the vibe of the show and support Amy’s multi-faceted performance.”

Angstadt is positioning ten of the Rogue R2s on downstage truss and six of the RGBW LED moving fixtures on the upstage deck. The downstage fixtures are being used for front wash, complemented by house followspots. “We have some spots and set pieces on the rig, but the truss-mounted Rogues are the foundation of lighting for this show,” said the LD. “They provide an even white base wash for the stage that looks great on the three projection screens running IMAG.”

Amy Tour 3The six upstage floor Rogue R2s in Angstadt’s rig are placed three each on the right and left side of the stage and are used for effects at the top of the show. During the supporting musical acts, the six floor fixtures are also used to light the set and to provide vivid aerial and backlighting.

Drawing on the wide (12°-49°) zoom range of the Rogue R2 Wash, Angstadt creates engaging background looks during the headliner’s performance. “When Amy is on, I light the set/drape using the zoom to shape the beam off the upstage center projection screen while maximizing coverage on the drape,” he explained.

Zone control is another performance feature of the Rogue R2 that Angstadt relies on during the show. “The tight beam combined with zone chases create a cool eye candy effect that gives the opening of the show a more dynamic feel than just swinging beams around in a classic ballyhoo,” he said. “We‘ve been doing this at the opening of every show to support Amy’s entrance and play to the audience’s energy. It has been very well received.”

Amy Tour 4In addition to pumping up the opening of the show with tight beams and chases, Angstadt highlights the arrival of the star on stage by bathing it in vivid hues. “We rely on strong colors throughout the show,” he said. “For Amy’s walk-on song we deliver a bold yellow with a great punchy white. When lighting scenery, we use a deep red and rich purple to complement and contrast with our drape package. Happily all the colors look good and true on camera.”

Being IMAG and camera friendly was critical to the lighting package, because the Amy Schumer show is playing arenas that are larger than the typical comedy venue. “Our first show was in front of a sold-out 12,000+ person arena with no dress rehearsal,” recalled Angstadt. “It’s a fun and unique challenge to work with a comedian in these large venues because the show needs to look big, especially at the beginning and end. We want to fill the space, but still look intimate on the screens so everyone feels close to the show, even at the back of the arena. Our production manager -Scott Tydings and lighting tech/head rigger-Zack Bunner, both of Showtime Sound, were key to the success we’ve had meeting this goal.”

The Rogue R2 Washes also have contributed to the seamless flow of the lightshow live and on IMAG. “The Rogues are a smooth even wash with a great look on camera, wide zoom range and internal zone effects,” said Angstadt. “With only a few looks, I needed them all to be strong and support the vibe of the show. They certainly delivered.”

Amy Tour 2