CHAUVET Professional Strike 4 Delivers Versatile Orange Bowl Performance

Posted on January 4, 2016

MIAMI – Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson was named offensive MVP at the Capital One Orange Bowl for a perfectly balanced performance in which he was equally effective passing the ball (for 187 yards) as he was running it (145 yards). Watson was not the only outstanding versatile performer on the field at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens on December 31. Also impressive in filling multiple roles was a collection of 10 Strike 4 warm white LED fixtures from CHAUVET Professional provided by The Design Oasis.

Abbas Ritscher of The Design Oasis specced the Strike 4 fixtures for the halftime performance by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and multi-Grammy winner John Fogerty because of their compact size, power and versatility.

“John Hollingshead the LD for the show and I positioned 10 Strike 4s behind the stage to create a dramatic look during the halftime show,” said Ritscher. “There is not much room on this stage for lighting because it has to be wheeled out very quickly and has a live band playing and all the gear on it. The small footprint and low power draw of these fixtures made them well-suited for this application.”

IMG_0073The high output Strike 4 fixtures did more than meet Ritscher’s spatial requirements, however. With four 100-watt COB LEDs and a total iIluminance of 999 lux at 5 meters, the compact fixtures were powerful enough to hold their own and more against the beams and stadium lights at Sun Life Stadium.

It it was the versatility of the Strike 4s though that really made them stand out. “The Strike 4 fixtures offered us the perfect combination of being able to use them as a big blinder effect, but also being able to count on them for eye candy during the show,” said Ritscher. “The versatility of these fixtures was invaluable.”

Throughout most of the spirited halftime show, the Strike 4s were run at low intensity “just to show up for the TV cameras,” said Ritscher. However, at key dramatic points during the legendary Fogerty’s performance, the Strike 4s underscored the moment by being run at full intensity.

In addition to the Strike 4s, the Capital One Orange Bowl halftime rig included 12 Next NXT-1 moving LED panels and two Amhaze haze machines for atmospheric effects. The NXT-1s were positioned on truss across the back of the stage to create a concert like atmosphere for the television audience.

“The Strike 4s and NXT-1 worked well together, helping us create a high impact lightshow on a small stage in front of a large audience,” said Ritscher. “They are both compact but highly effective and versatile fixtures that really allowed us to get the most out of the little stage area.”