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Designing for Worship

Church Tech Talk: Moving Heads

Church Tech Talk: Lens Choices

Church Tech Talk: Cycs pars and strips

Church Tech Talk: Fresnel vs Ellipsoidal

Church Tech Talk: Opto Splitters

Church Tech Talk: DMX Cables

Lighting & Programming Control

IP Ratings

Dimming with LED fixtures

Making Useful Color Palettes

Focus Positions - Part 1

Focus Palettes - Part 2

Atypical Fixture Parameters

Playing with focus – gobo morphing

ArtNet Broadcast vs Unicast

Programming Tips and Tricks

Making Effects Beam Palettes


Sub Hung Truss Structures

Mastering Color, Part 1

Mastering Color, Part 2

LDs Professional Decorum

Balancing Video & Lighting

Beyond DMX

Environmental Lighting

Dynamic Video Setups

How To Tutorials

Field Servicing Permanent Installations

Measurables and Light

Pixel Mapping Your Truss

Creative Use of Gobos

Utilizing Aerial Effects

Audience Blinders

Learning the Ropes

Moving Head Maintenance Basics

Video Insights

Building Your Own Studio

Loving Lime

Covering The Angles

Layered Effects

Negative Space